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Programs : Budget Sheet
The following listing represents the Academic Year Budget Sheet for Dickinson in Italy.

Academic Year Budget Sheet for Dickinson in Italy

Academic Year Budget Sheet for Dickinson in Italy
Budget Item Academic Year Students
Program Fee (Semester FA20 SP21) * $70,620.00
Billable subtotal:  $70,620.00
International Airfare (est.)   $1,300.00
Visa Fees   $125.00
Recommended immunizations and medicines (est.)   $135.00
Books and Materials (est.)   $330.00
Cell Phone Purchase (OPTIONAL)   $70.00
Cell Phone Usage (OPTIONAL)   $400.00
Local transportation   $250.00
Personal Expenses   $4,000.00
Non-billable subtotal:  $6,610.00
Total: $77,230.00

This budget is for 2019-2020.

Program fee includes:
  tuition and fees; room (double room in residence hall); board allowance for meals; group transportation to and from airport in Bologna; scheduled program excursions; computer and internet access at the Dickinson Center; library privileges at the University of Bologna and Johns Hopkins Institute; required socialized health care fee (not a substitute for primary insurance); emergency medical insurance; pre-departure and on-site orientation; orientation handbook. 


The budget sheet of estimated costs is intended as a rough guide for planning and is not all-inclusive.  Actual costs will vary depending on many factors that are determined by individual circumstances and choices.  The Total Fee assumes all listed estimated costs in the grid apply.

* Billable item